Laura’s Place, a transitional housing facility located in Portland, Oregon, just got a little bit bigger. This local communal home for single mothers just expanded with the help of Architecture Building Culture, who helped to design and create a building that allows for additional residents.

This gabled home has a slate grey exterior, with two white panel-clad ends. Each new studio unit is 330 square feet, including a kitchen, living and sleeping area, and bathroom. Space is used sparingly and wisely- the bathroom door slides on rails in order to save on valuable room.

This addition adds two units to the four existing housing units on the same site. There is also a common room on site for all residents to enjoy. The Center serves around 16 women per year.

The transitional housing facility works in coordination with the Letty Owings Center, which provides pre-natal health services to pregnant women. The design portion was completed in part pro bono. Several of the materials were donated by the manufacturer.