This traditional cottage is located on a large green plot of land in the idyllic suburb of Haut-de-Seine, a stone’s throw away from Paris. This architectural project included the redevelopment and modernization of a traditional stone house. Taken on by Atelier Lame Architecture,  the number one priority was keeping the traditional facade and features intact while renovating this historic building.

The home had lain unoccupied for several years before the renovation began. The builders began the project by creating a new addition to the north and south facing corridors, building more space into the existing rooms, and adding new rooms, bringing the floor plan up to a grand total of 400 square meters. The new rooms on the first and second create a cozy feeling and a more natural transition to the rich surrounding countryside.

 Many of the features are built from gritstone, the traditional building material in the region. By adding more contemporary details and supports out of glass and steel, a small contemporary flavor is added to this otherwise traditional home.