Colectivo Creativo completed the design of a small modular home with an appealing contemporary design. The 398-square-foot prototype, dubbed VIMOB, is located in Matapalo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

“VIMOB was born from the notion of creating a shelter in an area of difficult access, a place where traditional construction would be limited by transport of materials and labor,” the architects explained. “It is a modular housing solution based on the concept of prefabrication and assembly.”

“The project was developed in our workshop, dismantled and sent to the construction site directly,” they said. “The pieces allowed fast assembly on site, using a minimum of tools.” The benefits of modular housing include waste reduction and a low impact on the environment.

Rectangular wooden panels in various nature-inspired hues give the home’s exterior a fun, dynamic look. From far away, the construction seems perfectly integrated into its landscape. Inside, the architects used pine ceilings and OSB (oriented strand board) panels for a feeling of warmth.

With a combined kitchen and living area, two bedrooms and a bathroom, this tiny home meets the living needs of a small family. Sliding glass doors open up the social zone to the deck and the peaceful scenery beyond. [Photography by Felipe Orvi and Mauricio Carvajal]