Growing up, Jay Hewitt had a treehouse that was little more than a large piece of plywood. Fond memories of his playtime up high and a desire for his grandchildren to experience the same joy led him to create a treehouse they could also enjoy. Being trained as a professional carpenter, however, led to a much bigger end product.

This three-story treehouse in Attleboro, Mass., is more than 40 feet tall. In place of a traditional rope ladder, a full set of stairs allows everyone access to the treehouse. After entering through a mudroom, guests climb a set of stairs to enter a 16-by-20-foot great room for large get-togethers. The last level is a cozy loft for sleepovers.

There’s plenty of room to hang out on the decks. You’ll also find a spiral slide — just one fun aspect of this massive treehouse. Another is that the branches of the four trees supporting it span throughout the inside, reminding guests that they are high above the ground.

Inspired by the popular Animal Planet TV series “Treehouse Masters,” Hewitt created this treehouse in his backyard over the course of two years, and he plans to expand on it. What do you think of it?

Photos by Mike George of The (Attleboro) Sun Chronicle