This isn’t your average cottage in the middle of the woods. The CUBE House by Yakusha Design Studio was built utilizing an optical illusion — the Cube shape makes the home appear much smaller from the outside, reducing the impact on the landscape while still allowing plenty of interior living space. Located in a forest in Kiev, Ukraine, this design incorporates modernity with flexibility.

The House was built with a family in four in mind, with one addition on the way. Flexibility and comfort were key concepts driving the design. The ground floor holds a garage, kitchen, dining room, and an airy and light-filled living room, with an invisible staircase leading to the second floor under a line of playful hanging lights.

There are two playfully decorated children’s rooms: one hosts a lofted bed space with a couch underneath, while in the other, space-saving beds slide into a second level, giving the bedroom more flexible use of the space. The master bedroom is dark and dynamic, with a matching master bath.