This light, bright London home was envisioned by Scenario Architecture. The Gransden Avenue project was designed to allow a family of three to interact within a flexible, engaging environment. But it didn’t quite start out that way.

“The site was challenging, as it is part of a terrace that opens out to a hard landscaped internal community space” and parking lot, the architects said. “The key elements of our brief were to utilize daylight as much as possible while maintaining a warm living space, and to have a green area that can be seen from the living room.”

“By lowering and glazing a section of the roof terrace, we were able to create a rooftop garden that can be enjoyed from the kitchen and living areas,” they said. “We also provided a central core to the house that lets light penetrate down to the first floor while creating a continuous flow through the second level.”

This 2,766-square-foot London home combines the stark elegance of a gallery-like interior with the warmth that only a family home can exude. Plenty of design elements make this home stand out; which are your favorites? [Photography by Matt Clayton]