A former tax agency in Stockholm, Sweden was recently converted by Richard Lindvall into an impressive venue that accommodates conference zones, a cafe, a bistro and more. The architects entirely re-purposed the building, transforming it from a maze of small meeting rooms into an open space with high ceilings: “The interior is inspired by Scandinavian minimalism with an industrial twist and with Inspiration from hotels and restaurants in Shanghai, New York and Amsterdam. Big impressive buildings with lots of space and hard materials, but which are still keeping a welcoming atmosphere are rare in Sweden. It was important to create a warmth in the environments, but still keep it raw and fresh.”

The array of materials is impressive: maple wood, cognac colored leather, concrete, galvanized steel, white tiles and black iron details create a stylish but relaxed atmosphere. Orange and brown were used for table tops, side tables, cabinet doors and menus. Concrete has the main role in the design and you can see it used for the floors, reception desk, bars, the large sofa table and the 3,5 meter wash basin in the bathroom. The venue is divided into three rooms and a black iron installation serves as the focal functional point.  [Information provided by  Richard Lindvall; Photography by Johan Annerfelt]