This apartment in Taiwan is 100 square meters of rich color on display. The owner, a young fashion designer trained in France, wanted an apartment that displayed the myriad sources of inspiration for fashion design, including bright colors and jarring texture. Waterform design created it to the specifications of the owner, using fashion templates and paper patterns for inspiration.

Each room is a showcase for the persuasive power of color. The dining room, living room, and bedroom all  have a mood set by color- warm orange, tranquil blue, sumptuous gold- all flowing gracefully into each other.

Texture was another key source of inspiration in this space. Different fabrics like silk, lace, and velvet create different tones; this apartment tried to reflect those different moods through playing with glossy lighting, translucent glass, and smooth slate. A converted optical illusion in the bookshelf displays the owner’s fashion book collection.

Small design elements, like tiny bow ties, highlight the owner’s interest in small detail.