How to Modernize a Traditional Home

In 2019, modern spaces are trending. And why not? With less clutter and a zen feel, modern homes can help you unwind and really love your space. Of course, streamlined, modern design is probably a lot easier to find in newer homes and metropolitan areas. But what if your place…

Amazon Just Launched Their Ravenna Home Furniture Brand And It’s Redefining Traditional Design

For those who aren't aware, Amazon has been in the furniture game for a little while. About a year ago, the online retailer announced its first in-house lines.

Transitional Design: What It Is and How To Pull It Off

Shop These Products Now:  Sofa Set–  Throw Pillows  – Antique Show Piece – Ceiling Roof Light Transitional design refers to a room’s meshing of modern and traditional elements. Image Source:…