Sneaky Sustainability: 7 Ways to Design a More Efficient Home

If you're interested in building a more sustainable, eco-friendly home, you probably already know most of the basics: installing solar panels for power, opting for water-saving fixtures in the bathroom, you know the drill.

10 Reasons You Should Use Sustainable Building Materials

Sustainability doesn’t mean you have to give up luxury. Image Source: Maienza Wilson Shop These Products Now: Wooden Flooring – Lounger Chair Do you really know the true definition of sustainability? It is a trendy…

Eco-Friendly, Space-Saving Toilet & Washbasin Combo from Roca

There are many great designs around for bathrooms and toilets where space in not an issue. But not all of us have the luxury of an enormous space in which to accommodate these fantastic products. Those of us who live in small apartments or houses often have to deal…