Forni Gueli completed Lakeside Home, a multi-level, contemporary home built with natural materials onto a hillside in Switzerland.  The use of exposed wood throughout the interior and exterior of building give the project an unexpectedly rustic feel, given its contemporary form.

The building’s design has several unique elements.  The front door opens to a wooden staircase with built-in bookshelves.  The architects emphasized the transition from exterior to interior in this section by carrying some of the dark, exterior wood into the entryway and allowing the lighter, interior wood to frame windows that encase the stairwell’s front and back.

The staircase draws activity upstairs to the second-level where large windows and terraces provide easy indoor-outdoor living spaces with a relaxing atmosphere.  On one side of the home, a large balcony provides panoramic views of the lake below. The other side features a private patio covered in grape vines for private dining.  [Photography courtesy of Woodz].