Made up of a series of pavilions with rolling zing roofs, Meadow Farm House by William McDonough + Partners is located in a rich landscape, which transitions from orchards to meadows and coastal oaks. Taking advantage of the climate in Northern California, the architects covered the wavy roof in solar panels. The project is LEED Platinum certified and is a pilot project in the Sustainable Sites Initiative: “Striated color patterns in rammed earth walls extrapolate the gentle curve of existing site topography. The farm is a net energy exporter and includes comprehensive rainwater and graywater harvesting”.

An inspiring merger of wood and glass defines the interiors, which are extremely spacious and welcoming. Minimalist furniture additions create enough room for lounging and socializing. The kitchen has a classic-rustic vibe, as a reminder of the character of the building . But modern elements also protrude in the design; the lighting units in the living room for example bring a bit of “present” in the daily lives of the owners. What are the design features you personally find interesting about this North California home? [Photography courtesy of William McDonough + Partners]