De Zwarte Hond completed Dockboot Holiday Home, a surprisingly spacious residence located on the island of Schiermonnikoog in The Netherlands. Larch wood in various sizes was employed for the facade, resulting in a dwelling that integrates well with its environment. The roof was built using wood, zinc and moss sedum, thus further contributing to its context-dictated look. According to the designers, “the height and form of both roof and façade have been continuously adjusted to the dune surroundings, enabling the house to develop its own unique character.”

The L-shaped dwelling has a total surface of 110 square meters and perfectly delimits the day and night areas: “The underground floor comprises the bedrooms, bathrooms and sauna. A patio – hidden from view at ground-level by a low wooden wall on the west façade – brings in both sunlight and ventilation. The relationship between the two floors combines privacy with a human scale, allowing family members to use the house in their own way without causing disturbance to others.” Sustainable features of the project include triple-glazed windows, solar orientation, an optimum underground temperature and natural shading on the south façade provided by an overhang. Enjoy the virtual gallery! [Photography by Michel Kievits]