Located on the shores of a Patagonian lake in Rio Negro, Argentina, this summer house by NE-AR is a redesign of an existing dwelling on the site. According to the architects, the interior space was characterized by “a deep dark dinning- living area with limited relation to the outside with a deficient connection between the kitchen and the private and public rooms. At the same time, the small size bedrooms were inefficient to cope with the actual family growth.” The solution was a new extension, which clearly separates the public and private areas.

The layout was planned as follows: “While the existing house will host two large bedrooms, the main bathroom in the ground floor and a secondary bedroom in the first level, all public areas will be linearly organized within the extension volume: open kitchen, dining place and the lounge area; all these spaces will share a wide open wooden terrace deck facing and open to the lake shore.” Reinforced concrete was the main material employed for the new addition; the highlights of the design are four inverted beams which converge in the only load bearing vertical element of the house, a spectacular column integrating a fireplace. [Photography: Mike Mercau]