Located in Alta Gracia, Argentina, the Suburban House by STC Arquitectos is a modern residence that evokes its surroundings and local history. It is described by the project developers as “an atemporal container supported on the semi-urban grid; an artificial element that only seeks to contemplate the environment. In a contemporary way, its boundaries evoke the remnants of the industrial era of Alta Gracia, the English style steel sheet houses, the station and the train.” The residence exhibits a compact design, allowing good natural light inside and opening up to the mountain and creek views.

The interiors are described as “diaphanous environments, without fanfare. What matters is the interaction of the object with its surroundings. The intermediate spaces pose the eternal tension between the natural and the human impact.” Furniture additions are minimalist, redirecting attention towards the scenery beyond the glass. The color palette is simple, with just a few touches of bright red standing out. Wooden ceilings reduce the scale of the rooms and add a warm, inviting feel. How would you comment on the geometry and overall design of this home? [Photography by Arq Gonzalo Viramonte]