SL Project imagined a home displaying round architecture near Moscow that will make you look closely at all the details. And that’s because the carefully chosen collection of details make for one dreamy home in Russia. The architecture studio designed this contemporary single family home with an open layout in mind. This creates a strong connection to the manicured garden and encourages inhabitants to live an indoor-outdoor life. Natural light is guided inside via floor-to-ceiling windows. Observe the curved windows that make the architecture look like a futuristic approach to living a modern lifestyle.

Architects Alexey Nikolashin and Ekaterina Emelyanova of SL Project are the ones who imagined this home as an estate of wonder with round architecture. They never dreamed it would become a point of inspiration for those who love contemporary architecture.

Thin, dark frames on the windows contrast the white facade. Different sized windows aid light flow naturally inside and brighten up each space. The use of glass throughout maintains an open layout and pushes light deep inside the home. Architectural curves and a play of open/closed help define a unique design. The minimalist decor allowed designers to focus on details that make up a comfortable atmosphere. Bright and welcoming, the open floor plan flows from one space into the next. Integrated with the outdoors, the interior spaces feature pops of bright colors that cheer up the atmosphere. Bright color tones are set on a white background, making everything look clean and welcoming.

Photographs by Ilya Ivanov showcase the way this house was imagined to fulfill every need. From the double-height living room to the Jacuzzi and playroom, this house has it all. Wood, stone and glass meet in a modern display of architecture. How do you find this impressively large home with round architecture?