Studio Roller | George & Willy

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While it seems like technology is replacing just about everything we do, you’ve got to admit: There’s nothing like good ol’ paper and pen. Sharing a sketch with a colleague? Making a grocery list? Finally fixed Einstein’s theory of gravity? You know that having paper at the ready is crucial when the muses start to sing.

Cue George & Willy, a New Zealand-based company with the sole mission of making your life easier and making you look cool in the process. Its Studio Roller ($153) is a wall-mounted bracket set that holds a 24-inch paper roll (sold separately), making it a breeze to display tonight’s menu or tomorrow’s to-do list.

The Studio Roller comes with a separate bar that holds the bottom of the paper in place and allows you to easily tear off your brilliant ideas and make room for new ones. It’s perfect for studios, home offices, kitchens — even kids’ rooms, so mini-Matisse can get his art on.