While building the contemporary Edge House in Kraków, Poland, the developing team at Mobius Architecture managed to cleverly reinterpret the local law requiring a traditional shape: “The house owes its narration to a local anomaly: a slope plot with a view on the mountains surrounding Krakow is knifed through by an 8 meter lime rock. All houses in this location must have pitched roofs with eaves and 37 degree slopes. Tilted walls hence become the pitched roof required by law. The outcome is a quadric-prism form located in the upper part of the plot with an extension over the edge of the slope”, explained the architects

The rock edge divides the plot into two levels: a lower floor offering a high level of privacy and an upper level with panoramic views. Probably the most spectacular element of the design, the white terrace frame helps opening up all the rooms towards the garden through balconies and footbridges. Inside and out, this residence in Poland offers intriguing perspectives due to its original geometry. By employing black schist, copper plate and green wing architecture, the developing team achieved an eye-catching house design, with plenty of surprising contrasts. [Photography by Pawel Ulatowski]