Situated in the neighborhood of Fort Greene in New York, this Brooklyn Townhouse is a restoration of a dilapidated-state dwelling found on the site. Ensemble Architecture took on the challenge of upgrading the building, by adding a new rear wall and a two-level extension at the back of the house. This addition connects to the living spaces above through interior steel and glass windows that resemble the ones found on the front facade. The interiors are warm and inviting, due to an inspiring array of materials and textures.

Natural elements were elegantly added to the design: “The doors at the garden open completely to create a seamless connection between the kitchen, dining level and the garden. Vines are planted in recessed planters along the two-story party walls in the dining room–an interior which was designed with the idea of being an indoor-outdoor space where the garden is welcome inside. The vines will cover the double-story party walls and will add an organic quality to all of the spaces that the dining room connects”, explained the architects. The top of the addition is a private master bedroom balcony, offering a perfect retreat for the inhabitants. [Photography courtesy of Ensemble Architecture]