Located in the Orobic Alps, in Valtellina, Italy, the AP House by Rocco Borromini Architects takes inspiration from tradition. The building sits on a gentle slope and features walls made from local stone, produced especially for this project.

A swimming pool surrounded by stone pavement acts as the central entertainment area for this L-shaped residence. The living spaces and the master bedroom seamlessly connect with this outdoor space through sliding glass doors.

The opposite facade is less permeable and protects the building from strong winds coming from the west. At the same time, it offers a good amount of privacy for the inhabitants.

The interiors display a contemporary, minimalist style, with large windows framing views in every room. Stone flooring in the living areas harmonize with the outdoor areas.

The combination of stone walls and wooden furniture adds a charming rustic vibe. Enjoy the virtual tour of this home in northern Italy and let us know your thoughts on its design and layout! [Photography courtesy of Marcello Mariana]