Fifteen Swedish companies and three designers took their designs on a road trip from from Sweden to Milan, Italy, to be part of an expo. This blended exhibition was curated by White, the third largest architectural studio in Europe. It showcases products that highlight the innovative designs and cultural heritage of these prominent Swedish designers.

A focus on functionality is a signature trait of Swedish design. Many of the products featured are durable, intended to be long-lasting and beautiful for generations. There is also a prominent focus on sustainability in the materials used; many of the products use sustainable raw materials, such as the the sound absorbers made from moss. Others are made from recycled materials, such as the rugs made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Other products utilize biodegradable fabrics and reclaimed wood. All are beautiful, functional and eco-friendly.

The project was an initiative by Swedish Design Goes Milan 2017 and Business Sweden, in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy. Products on display included rugs, sofas, chairs, lighting and flooring — an eclectic display that highlights the breadth and depth of current Swedish design.