This office headquarters, located in the financial center of Chengdu, China, fully utilizes natural light and visual height to create a stunning visual. Had Architects designed this 360-square-meter space in 2014. 

During the design process, the architects wanted to take advantage of the spacious original 5.4 meter high ceiling. To do so, they created a wooden cabin with two stepped sides. This cabin divides the original two floors into two separate environments, creating an upper floor with office arrangement and a space for art sharing. The lower floor comprising an open office area, meeting rooms, and a kitchen. The peaked ceiling creates visual drama, but the serenity of the natural lighting and neutral color palettes opens up the space.

Small nooks created by the dramatic angles give the space a sense of intimacy. A move screening space and a reading nook create private areas for conversation. Open patios and catwalks on the second floor create a sense of unity throughout the whole space. The warm glow from the wooden features and natural lighting contrast with the glass and curtained wall building.