The White House by WT Architecture is on Scotland’s Isle of Coll. The original stone house was built in the mid-1700s and was abandoned in the mid-1800s.

When the current owners inherited the building, they found roofless ruins with lots of cracks but an intact basic structure. The architects advised the clients to preserve the ruins and build the living spaces around them.

“There was no economic means of closing the main cracks,” the architects said. “It was also felt that they contributed so much to the identity of the house that they should be retained and enhanced where possible.”

“To the rear of the original building, new living and bedroom spaces stretch out generously into the landscape, with expanses of glazing to take in the stunning landscape and sea views,” they added. “An H-shaped plan provides pockets of external shelter on the exposed site.”

Four bedrooms are in the new west wing. This volume also hosts utility spaces and a cozy room for contemplating the surroundings. What do you think about the unique integration of the 18th-century ruins? [Photography by Andrew Lee]