The Split House in Santa Monica, Calif., imagined by Kovac Design Studio, is eye candy for the design hungry. Resting on a ground-floor volume protecting privacy by opening only to the garden, the private second floor appears to be split in the middle. A bridge connects the bedrooms upstairs, which also can be reached from outside.

“The home’s primary conceptual move is the placement of the master suite and bedrooms in dual, hull-like volumes on the second level,” the architects say. “The forms are clearly separate, yet are responsive to each other, and create a fluid double-height space in their interstice.

“The nautical, tropical feel continues at the rear of the property, where a gangway connects the second floor to the pool area. Beyond is an intimately scaled cabana, which accommodates a guest suite.”

The wooden ceilings give the open spaces a soft appeal rooted in nature. As natural light flows inside, the warm timber plays an important role in grounding the design. Floor-to-ceiling windows and glass railings upstairs allow lots of natural light. The wooden ceiling continues outside, shaping a connection to overhangs meant to protect from overexposure to the sun.

The modern Southern California home features sustainable technology: “The home was designed with green practices in mind; LED lighting is used throughout, and photovoltaic panels are incorporated into the roof,” the architects say. “The hulls are clad in a composite of rice hulls and mineral oil that simulates wood, but is far more robust and sustainable.”

This incredible home is listed for sale at $7.1 million, so you have a chance to make it your own and enjoy summer all year long.