The backdrop to Viggsö is windswept landscape of stone cliffs, pine trees and shaggy lichen- a faded color palette, fitting for a minimalist home. Designed by Arrhov Frick Arkitektkontor, this sparse home is designed to accommodate a family of five on this Swedish Island, located on the Stockholm archipelago.

The house can be neatly divided into three sections. The first is the entrance at the rear of the building, containing the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen, with a separate loft for the children or for guests.

The second is the grand living room space with double high ceilings, showing spectacular views of trees sprouting from the rocky cliffs overlooking the water, expanding in three directions. An open terrace facing the water is the final section of the home. The terrace almost doubles the size of the house, bringing the total size to roughly 80 square meters.

Most of the materials had to be transported to this island, making it both economic and ecologically friendly to build in wood. The foundation is raised on a series of posts, elevating the house among the surrounding trees and leveraging it against the cliffs and uneven soil.