We’ve seen all kinds of office space designs, but none inspired by a computer chip — until now. That was the starting point behind the Toronto, Canada, offices of MacPaw, a software developer based in Kiev, Ukraine, designed by Baraban + Design Studio.

Bright orange and green accents and graphics can be found throughout the office, which encompasses 12,270 square feet. Looking around the uncluttered spaces, you’ll find places that encourage relaxation, as well as unconventional workspaces.

Colored lights help to set the mood so creativity can abound. The office has a snack bar, a foosball table and a terrace with a barbecue grill, fireplace and fountain.

As you might expect from a software company, almost everything that can be connected through technology is; the office’s lighting, climate and sound system are controlled by iPhone or iPad.

Even the office cats had a special place imagined just for them, even though they typically end up on someone’s laptop. The cats are an integral part of the team, which is why they have a designated area in the middle of the office.

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