Meet the innovative NODE+ platform and its environmental data apps that makes it unbelievably easy to switch between digital and real life. NODE+ is the platforms that switches between these two widely used realities to offer amazing environment measuring tools. It’s like your very own “environmental data Swiss army knife“.

This technology is like adding an extension to your senses. The NODE+ platform and its apps can be your sensory extension in various situations. It’s like a stethoscope for your chosen environment’s heartbeat. Displaying a modular design that assembles into uber-cool gadgets, the NODE+ platform can be matched with any of the following environmental apps:

The NODE+ chroma and smart device app is a color sensing device that gathers and stores colors from your environment for you to use later on your projects. Imagine gathering color information from surfaces like textiles, concrete, plastics, stucco or brick and the impact this hi-tech tool will have on design and architecture. The gas sensing NODE+Oxaaccurately measures the levels of carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine gas, sulfur dioxide, or hydrogen sulfide in an indoor environment.” Now you can measure air quality to see how well ventilated your home, office or school are.

The NODE+Clima gathers, stores and shares measurements for barometric pressure, room temperature, ambient light, and humidity. The NODE+thermocouple is “most popularly used in restaurant evaluations, catering companies, and other service companies needing to monitor food temperatures for safety compliance.” And how about scanning barcodes? Inventory management can get a whole lot easier with the NODE+Barcode. “As the only Bluetooth barcode reader on the market with interchangeable sensors, this customizable barcode scanner can track inventory, as well as record and transmit data for temperature, humidity, air quality, and more.”

It wireless transfers the data from the sensor to your phone, allowing you to skip using its integrated data storage and get the results you want at the touch(screen) of your fingers. Can you imagine what a large application range this thing has, if it’s already used in industries ranging from manufacturing and monitoring to transport and logistics? And to think that you can easily collect, store and stream data online with just a small interchangeable device like this one clearly announces we are already living the future of technology.

And like with any developing product, “this set of (ever growing) base apps is the starting point in developing a truly customized app solution for your specific needs.”

If the existing apps don’t quite have your attention, the NODE+ sensors on Facebook will keep you updated with their expanding forms of use. As we find out more about the system, we start to understand how this technology is even possible. “After developing sensor technologies for NASA and the Department of Homeland Security, Dr. George Yu developed his idea for the NODE wireless sensor platform for smart devices.” That statement can make a lot of people like me and you wish they found out how the NODE+ apps can make their life easier and more tech-savy.

Also, check out the TEDx speech that will turn the light on how a deeper understanding of our environment is crucial for our transforming world: Measure anything, anywhere: George Yu at TEDxPeachtree