This small wooden house in Bavaria, Germany, was recently completed by Arnhard & Eck. The architects’ goal was to build a retreat embedded in nature, away from the daily grind of the city.

“The intention of our work was to show that the quality of a building is defined by its proportions, materials and structures, not only by its size,” say Christine Arnhard and Markus Eck. “The wooden house is only 13 feet wide; the kitchen, dining, living and sleeping areas are open plan and connected by stairs.”

The walls, ceiling and roof are solid wood. An area was created especially for listening to music, watching films, reading and enjoying the mountain views. The large windows face Spitzstein, a nearby mountain; a wood-burning stove radiates warmth and comfort.

The kitchen and dining room can be extended into the garden during the warmer months by opening up the doors over the two free-hanging terraces. [Information provided by Arnhard & Eck Architects; photos by Florian Holzherr]