The Apartment in Alfinach renovation by rh Studio is the perfect answer to its young couple owners’ complaints that small space living was no longer working.  It makes the most of all 753-square feet in a modern, minimalist design.

You enter the apartment into what seems like a small, simple kitchen.  Here, rh Studio used an innovative rotating counter top that the owners can chop veggies on or store for a more open layout.  They built efficiency in the living space as well with a TV stand and coffee tables that could double as storage.

The architects used an open design concept, removing walls and running white resin floors throughout the apartment and terrace.  They continued white in almost every aspect of the design, which is a natural choice for making a space seem larger because it reflects light.

Everyday living space seamlessly extends onto the terrace with sliding glass doors that run floor to ceiling in both rooms of the apartment.  This area functions as a relaxing patio, dining area, and laundry room without feeling cluttered or over-worked.  The laundry appliances, for example, are hidden behind a sliding wooden doors that look like a modern accent wall. [Photography and information courtesy of Design Milk]