Checkered House by Takeshi Shikauchi Architect Office is an urban residence made almost entirely out of wood, a material less and less used for building houses in Japan; “I thought about designing a wooden house in the city considering disaster prevention and maintenance looking at the positive aspect of wood such as the soft texture which Japanese traditional houses use to have“, the architect stated. This unconventional Tokyo building catches your eye from far away, due to its large overhang and playful checkered facade in glass and wood.

Here is more from the official description provided by the project developers: “This house has a Japanese traditional under the eaves space overhanging the roof from 1.35m to 2.85m of the parking space facing the north side road. This under the eaves space and the fire wall on both sides enables to use affordable wood material and wooden window frame even in the high density area. The checkered window allows to take in light from regular height, near the ceiling and near the floor and also take in stable light from the north side during the day time.” The photos below reveal how the windows are ingeniously used as a shelving system inside the house. What do you think of this approach? [Photography: Koichi Torimura]