Designed by Eugene Meshcheruk, this small, bright apartment was transformed for a young family in Zaporojye, Ukraine. The first step in the redesign of the 904-square-foot home was to remove the non-load bearing walls from the existing structure and open up the living areas as much as possible. The new focal point is the subtle dividing wall built of plywood panels that separate the dining area and kitchen from the living room.

Wooden tiles, planks and bricks make for a variety of textures and finishes, while the pale yellow base color creates a cozy ambiance. Floor-to-ceiling curtains in black and white contribute to the open air feeling of the home as well.

Step into the bedroom and you will instantly observe this apartment’s design continuity. All the finishes used in the living area are reconfigured to create an intimate space in the bedroom. A white, transparent curtain separates the small home office from the king-sized bed, in an attempt to achieve a flexible interior in this small apartment. [Photography courtesy of Eugene Meshcheruk]

What is your favorite element of this small apartment in Ukraine?