What if you lived in a small apartment, one that only measures 27 square meters? You could definitely make it work. Especially if you ask for help from creative minds like architect Brad Swartz. Creating a small apartment design that works for a couple included imagining ample storage and seamless space flow. Since the apartment only had one room to start with, an abundance of creativity was poured in, making it functionally expand to a one-bedroom apartment. Social spaces like living, dining and cooking were grouped together but remained separate.

A tight budget and a tight space wouldn’t have been possible to transform into a working home without space planning, good communication between the architect and the owners and a passion bordering obsession for simplicity.

Located in an apartment building in Darlinghurst NSW, Australia, the small apartment got its name from its location. The Darlinghurst Apartment can “comfortably accommodate a couple”, as the architect describes it. Living on such a small footprint embedds a dynamic vision of the space.

Overcoming cramped urban lifestyle tendencies with the help of quality design, the architect imagined a space where social and private intertwine. Maybe it seems like the apartment only has basic functions. You’d be surprised to find that storage spaces include laundry and dining spaces and hide or show different functions you would find in any home.

The small apartment design offers an affordable inner city living alternative. Space and light become your best friends when ideas come together to compose beautifully planned spaces. And then it doesn’t even matter if these spaces are small or large.

Katherine Lu‘s photographs capture the way this small apartment design fits into the lives of its owners and the other way around. Whenever you need something, you pull or push or slide something around, interacting with your environment.