Specially designed for two style-seeking travelers, this small apartment in Budapest, Hungary comes with a total area of 323-square-feet and plenty of surprising solutions. The layout is a key feature of this tiny abode, which provides all of the creature comforts of a full-sized home.

The kitchen, bedroom, and office area are all organized in an open plan. For a nomadic couple almost permanently on the road, this flexible scheme allows for simplicity and ease while at home.

“The centerpiece of the space is an eye-catching elevated level solution, which was built only with the usage of plywood,” the designers said. “It not only brings a natural touch to the modern chic apartment but acts as a functional puzzle game involving the double bed, the storage, and all the kitchen equipment.”

A net made of white string was used to visually divide the bed from the kitchen area. Some of the clothes are stored in sight, thanks to a creative coat hanger and shelving unit combo. Despite the intricate plywood structure, the small apartment feels airy and bright. [Photography by: Balazs Glodi]

What do you think of the use of space in this small apartment?