Five to One Apartment by MKCA is a project that takes micro-housing to a new, highly creative level. With a total surface of 36 square feet, this small home in Gramercy Park, Manhattan, New York City is an example of modern-day functionality. The main creative element of the design is a motorized sliding wall able to move from one side of the apartment to the other, creating various living areas. Working, sleeping, dressing, and entertaining, plus kitchen, dining, and bathing space are all available as the unit slides, switching from daytime and nighttime zones.

Flexibility is the key to living large in this small New York home: “As the moving volume pulls away from the wall, it reveals a dressing room zone with built-in dresser drawers and clothing storage. Fully extended, the space for a queen-sized fold-down bed is created. The sliding element is powered and cabled for television and audio, and houses all of the audiovisual and networking components of the apartment along with additional storage and display space.  During the day, or when the bed is closed the bedroom space is returned to the living and working spaces of the apartment.” Other creative elements of the project include a dining table for four with foldable chairs, a pivoted enclosure for the TV allowing it to rotate and generous storage throughout. [Photos by: Alan Tansey]