Pulkabacken is the perfect home for entertaining with features like a party deck and sled hill roof.  Street Monkey Architects customized a prefabricated module to create these unique elements, building the home into a hillside.  This allows it to have privacy from neighbors and beautiful sea views.

During the summer, the grass-covered roof camouflages this home from the street and offers an easy place to enjoy the outdoors.  And in colder months, it is the perfect place for kids to play within easy reach of a warm living room and hot cocoa.

The home’s entrance hall sits nestled under its sloped roof, which connects to a wall of windows overlooking the sea.  Muted colors on the interior draw your attention out to green leaves in warm weather and mirror the white snow of winter.

Gray and white pieces also work to create a very modern look.  For example, metallic gray finishings in the kitchen and a matching table and chairs in the main room look sleek and refined.  At the same time, the seating in the living space adds a more casual vibe to the space. (Photography by Robin Hayes and courtesy of Dezeen)