Boandyne House is a modern residential project recently completed by SVMSTUDIO in Toorak, Victoria, Australia. The 5,382 square-foot house located at the end of a cul-de-sac proved to be a challenge the architects successfully overcame: “With difficult overlooking constraints due to the position of the property on the slope we decided to create an intimate home filled with light and space and a strong relationship with the sky by means of three voids organized along the diagonal of the property.” Rising ten feet from the front to the back of the parcel, the modern residence is an example of ingenious planning.

A powerful relationship with the outdoors was the main focus of the overall design: “Whilst the ground floor has a strong relationship with the earth with views of the garden and contrasting light streaming in from above, the upper level elevates the viewpoint, a celestial level that frames the sky just above the horizon line. Through this subtle relationship between the earth and the sky we intend to create a home where the limits of space and the play on light and shade are enough decoration and come together as one clear expression.” Enjoy the virtual tour and let us know what you think!  [Photos courtesy of Andy Gibson & Jake Nowakowski]