The mind-staggering RDP House is the result of a collaborative effort between architects Daniel Moreno Flores & Sebastian Calero. Located in Pichincha, Ecuador, the dwelling was constructed using eight shipping containers.

The owner’s passion for old clocks and visible working mechanisms made him envision a house like no other, with exposed raw materials and construction solutions. Shipping containers proved to be the smartest solution to this brief. Moreover, since these objects become waste after their life cycle, using them in construction contributes to the sustainable green movement worldwide.

Seven 20 feet containers and one 40 feet container were shipped to the site, described as a a large, green and fairly flat area, disconnected from the city’s mundane noise.

“Containers are imperfect,” the architects said. “They keep all their scars as a legacy to their dent register and history of uses. These objects are conceived as the complementary spaces of the house: storage rooms, bathrooms, closets and kitchen. They are basically used in their natural state.”

To expose the true nature of the materials, all factory paint was removed. Containers are supported on top of a concrete platform, slightly flying towards the exterior, offering a sense of balance and weight control. Metallic beams system cross from container to container and help in the reinforcement of the concrete tiles.

What are your thoughts regarding the overall aesthetics of this shipping container house in Ecuador? [Photography: Lorena Darquea Schettini]