Aiming to provide a solution to renting problems in high-density cities in China, LYCS Architecture designed Campus Hong Kong, a lovely shared apartment model for students: “In a large populated city like Hong Kong, living expense for young people is a heavy burden. The problem is evident, nice apartments come with a higher rate, while cheaper ones are just not cozy. To cope with this challenge, the designers found a brand new and affordable way through renovating 48 student apartments located in an existing hotel”, the project developers stated.

Each room has a total living area of approximately 27 square meters (290 square feet), yet every corner is taken advantage of to the fullest: “In this limited space, every single inch is fully used: the bed was designed to be raised and the study desk is placed under the bed, to make full use of space. Each bed, has a steel access ladder, blackout curtain for privacy, electrical wall sockets, and a reading light. Each apartment unit is also equipped with a bathroom, kitchen and other necessary daily facilities.” A central high table serves as space for studying or socializing. We love how this project exudes cheerfulness and a high level of personality, unlike common student dorms. How do you find it?