When you see this sculptural wall dancing its geometry in front of your eyes, you know you are at the Nosotros Bar in São Paulo, Brazil. And since you’re in Brazil, mind as well enjoy a sophisticated drink prepared by Rafael Araújo in a stunning ambiance. Designed by Brazilian architecture and design firm Studio Otto Felix, the Nosotros Bar features an arresting faceted sculptural wall stretching up to shape the ceiling and meant to draw attention to the bartender.

Rafael Araújo is not only the co-owner at Nosotros Restaurant and one of the best bartenders in Brazil.

With a sucupira wood counter streching 8,15 meters, the bar looks elegant and sophisticated. The white sculptural wall beautifully contrasts the exotic wood while lights under the bar and hidden in the geometry create a catchy ambiance. The 140 square meter space was transformed with the help of wooden structures. Wood was chosen for ceilings and floors to create a warm coziness, a welcoming place to have drinks with friends. Traditional elements were introduced to create a balanced design, one that welcomes all to enjoy and bask in the elegant ambiance. The sculptural wall was a challenge, but one that resulted in an inspiring wall design.

Wooden tables and linen chairs group together, while a large modular couch is surrounded by side tables and armchairs, creating a lounge space perfect for relaxing and socialization. Then, on one side you have this geometric sculpture covering the wall side to side, on the other hand, a traditional stone wall lined with wine bottles and a fireplace. In photos by Denilson Machado of MCA Estúdio we can see , but the atmosphere can only be felt there and the drinks only tasted at Nosotros Bar. Send us photos from there, ok?