Flavor Paper has taken Willy Wonka’s wallpaper idea to the next level (minus the licking). It’s released three scratch and sniff wallpaper designs that are cool enough to adorn the walls of any modern space. Tommy Hilfiger papered three of the bathrooms in his Miami home with the citrus design. Deeta Von Teese chose a custom cherry print. And Elton John went bananas for the banana wallpaper print.

One of Tommy Hilfiger’s contemporary bathrooms features the citrus scratch and sniff wallpaper. Image: Architectural Digest

The three scents and patterns are bananas, cherries and citrus in a variety of designs and colors. But how does the scratch and sniff work? Micro-encapsulated fragrance oils are hand-applied to the paper. When you scratch it, you pop open the tiny capsules and release the smell.

Here are some rooms featuring the scratch and sniff wallpaper:

The whimsical yet modern cherry pattern is the perfect backdrop in a bedroom featuring an upholstered headboard. Image: Flavor Paper

The banana-scented paper in a company’s conference room is a great ice-breaker. The paper features a seafoam-color foil background. Image: Flavor Paper

Cosmopolitan Magazine’s new hair and makeup room features the cherry-scented scratch and sniff wallpaper paired with one of Flavor Paper’s new designs: Marylin Monroe’s lips. Image: Flavor Paper

This modern San Francisco nursery adds fun and whimsy by papering the walls with the banana-scented wallpaper. The jungle-themed nursery is bright and colorful. Image: Studio Munroe

A Santa Monica loft features the cherry wallpaper on an accent wall, working in harmony with the red dresser. Image: Jessica Ayromloo

Eighties retro chic colors and patterns add fun and fashion to this desk area. Image: Flavor Paper

Would you wallpaper your space with scratch and sniff wallpaper? Which one is your favorite? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments.