Located on the picturesque island of Mykonos, Greece, Scorpios by Michael Schickinger of Lambs&Lions is an exclusive getaway that celebrates beach culture. The project was developed in close collaboration with interior designer Annabell Kutucu to merge natural textures with functional contemporary amenities: “We tried to infuse Scorpios with the traditional materials and construction techniques found in Cycladic architecture to root it in its site and context. It was then peppered with collected objects found by Michael and Annabell on their travels”, the designers stated.

Inspired by the contrasts revealed by the island of Mykonos (mainly its rocky, hot landscape juxtaposed by the invigorating the blue sea), the project tea envisioned a holistic retreat: “We wanted the place to be a stage that invites all aspects of Mykonos life but always with a focus on leisure. The design is inspired by natural materials that set a laid back, down to earth and comfortable back drop for all the different activities that will take place there. It is a place that simultaneously excites the senses and calms the soul.” See any details you find particularly inspiring? [Photos by Carolin Saage]