Comprising three bedrooms and two lovely sunny terraces, this modern attic apartment offers exceptional views of Stockholm and memorable sunsets. The 188 square-meter home-discovered by Freshome on Skeppsholmen– is characterized by abundant natural light and an overwhelming feeling of space. As you step inside, you are greeted by a hall with gray tiled floors and a wardrobe for storage. The kitchen, living and dining room are organized in an open plan, encouraging socializing. A generous living height, skylights and windows on both sides allow the inhabitants to take the pulse of Gamla Stan from the comfort of their fluffy armchairs.

The central point of the living room is a contemporary brick fireplace, spicing up the atmosphere during cold Swedish evenings. By employing a minimalist color palette in gray and white, the designers managed to create a sense of freshness throughout. Wooden floors visually contrast the walls and furniture, adding warmth to the composition. The bedrooms imagined in the same style, with a simple color mix and large window openings, feel particularly inviting. Spa-style bathrooms with glass-enclosed sauna and jacuzzi enhance living quality in this Scandinavian home. Last, but not least, the two terraces offer the inhabitants the chance to further contemplate the city and relax with family or friends.