This lovely beach house in the Republic of El Salvador was recently completed by architecture and design studio Cincopatasalgato. The project, named Casa Azul, was especially envisioned for a serene family of four. 

After traveling for quite a while, the owners decided to return to their homeland and build a family home that would reflect their friendly and open nature. Located right on the beach, the retreat allows the youngest inhabitants of the house to play and explore, keys to a healthy upbringing.

The brief required a simple, elegant and inviting crib, with rustic yet contemporary details. For Jose Roberto Paredes, the architectural designer,  “paradise” was the word that summed up the clients’ idea of the project.

The project has a total area of 4,000 square feet. This includes an open plan living area, four bedrooms, a kids’ play area and plenty of storage facilities. All rooms come off as breezy and spacious, with small interior gardens enhancing the overall holiday feel.

The family’s “island of relaxation and fun” is a large outdoor area in the back of the house. This haven comes with a large swimming pool, an area to play soccer, and extensive ocean views. [Information and photography courtesy of Cincopatasalgato]