If you’ve always wanted to sail but never had the chance, here’s your opportunity to try it safely on dry land. Les Ateliers Guyon developed these Sail Benches in Vercheres, a small town near Montreal, Quebec.

The concept for this urban furniture project was to create an unusual work where the public can sit and listen to the sound of wind and waves along the banks of the St. Lawrence River.

The designers wanted to develop a memorial that integrated functional street furniture. They imagined majestic sails of white oak, concrete and metal, echoing a certain chapter in history. The project honors the city’s founders, who arrived in 1740; white oak was used in the 18th century to build boats.

“This area of the St. Lawrence is especially prone to rapidly changing and sometimes violent weather,” the designers said. “Mist, smog, ice and snow can be abundant due to the proximity of the river.

“For aesthetic and ergonomic reasons, the work must be tilted 10 degrees — both to give the impression of sails flying and for users to be comfortable.” What do you think of the Sail Benches? [Information provided by Les Ateliers Guyon; photography by Félix Guyon]