Houses should evolve along with their owners: That was the philosophy behind the remodel of this traditional house in the rustic village of Sant Mori in Spain. Tasked with renovating this historical home with a backdrop of forests and fields, design firm Mesura created the perfect addition for a tableau of the Empordà countryside.
Originally constructed as a summer home, the house was too large to be practical for residence year round. Mesura proposed to adapt the floor plan by adding garden access and restoring an underused kitchen, simplifying the layout and providing the home with a new central heart. This restored kitchen came with a large opening to the terrace and additional covered area, including an outdoor dining room and living room.
Old houses frequently have previous projects, and this house was no exception: previous additions had to be accommodated into the new layout. A porch built in 1999 was modified in order to better incorporate it into the total design. These modifications made it possible as a year round single family residence.