The collaboration between  Vo Trong Nghia Architects & ICADA led to the design of “House in Nha Trang“, which displays a striking green roof. The project in Vietnam’s Khanh Hoa Province is surrounded by a rich natural landscape, with neighboring sea and mountains.

Making the most of the environment and climate, the owners wanted their very own rooftop garden, However, local regulations require almost 50% of the roof area to be covered by gray or orange-color tiles and to be sloped. “To obey this rule but maximize the green area atop, the roof is divided into parallel bands of greened roofs and tiled roofs in an alternating sequence,” the architects explained. The result is a beautiful relaxation spot with plenty of trees and plants.

This system of parallel bands is taken further, defying the indoor layout. “A void and three patios are designed within the system of bands to enhance natural lighting and ventilation. Service spaces, such as bathrooms, storage and circulation spaces, are located under the green roof, where the ceiling height is limited because of the deep soil layers for trees,” the project developers added.

An open plan living and dining area takes center stage, with large windows opening up to the views. The ceiling height varies throughout the house, for a genuine contemporary living experience. [Information provided by Vo Trong Nghia Architects & ICADA; photography by Hiroyuki Oki]