Designed by Metropole Architects, the philosophy driving this house design is to create a lasting impression of movement. Located off of Dolphin Coast, South Africa, the architects carefully integrated the surrounding environment when crafting their design.

The “Wingspread” style of architecture takes advantage of the panoramic views of the beach and open sea. It portrays both sturdiness and dynamic energy. A wide, open floor plan gives sweeping views of the coast in almost every room, while accordion windows are easily removed, creating a seamless visual transition.

The landscaping is indigenous dune vegetation. A projected cantilevered top story, supported by a concrete column, offers a cutaway view of the ocean. like the angled off shutter concrete wall synthesizes with the more traditional architectural styles.

It is a synthesis of multiple design styles, including a combination of Tropical Modern architecture with outstanding Futurist features. The interior displays a more mid-century modern style, while still complementing the outer design. The result is a bold, dramatic fusion that is anything but reserved.