This 2012 renovated french farmhouse by Loïc Picquet Architecte blends an old farm structure with modern design ideas in Alsace, France. Both the exterior and interior of this historic building were updated, and many aspects preserved to reflect the natural aesthetic of the farm. Some of these updates include new wood paneling on the sides of the structure along with pop-out Velux windows to infuse a contemporary feel.

The architects constructed four lodging rooms complete with hidden niches built into the bedroom walls large enough to serve as a reading nook or cozy seat. Additionally, barn double doors were used in between the bathroom and bedroom to create a necessary divide between the two.

The bedrooms feature stripped down, exposed wood beams across the ceiling and large picture windows allow for ample natural light. Unfinished hardwood floors that match the exposed beams span the bedrooms and the same wood was used to construct a floating staircase in the middle of the structure. In contrast to the minimalist and rustic appearance of the farmhouse interior, the bathroom boosts modern designs with colorful paint and tile on the walls and floor. [Photographs courtesy of Loïc Picquet Architecte]

What is your favorite feature of this renovated french farmhouse?