Named “The Pilot’s House”, this villa built from brick and flint masonry is an architectural gem. The residence is located in Winchester, England and has an interesting history: it is part of a collection of family homes developed for the wealthy in the mid 19th century and located close to England’s oldest school, Winchester College.

AR Design Studio were handed a bold request from the clients, a married couple in search of an extraordinary family refuge: to return The Pilot’s House to its original splendor and add a 21st Century twist.

The architects proposed a large open-plan living area that would allow the family to make the most of their time together. Next to this space, the indoor swimming pool is an absolute favorite with friends of all ages.

“The whole extension is covered by a familiar pitched roof that runs from the rear of the house and elegantly reaches the ancient boundary wall,” the architects said. “This roof is inspired by the villa’s traditional gables and clad in anthracite zinc to blend with the building’s slate tiles.”

The contemporary addition is glazed and shaded by an overhanging canopy. How do you like the contrast between old and new in the case of this restored villa in Winchester? [Photos by: Martin Gardner]