Wallpaper is one of the top home design trends; the gorgeous textures and patterns can really make walls pop. But many renters might assume that wallpaper is a design dream exclusive to homeowners. Others may worry that the patterns they love today will be passé tomorrow. Those worries are over, thanks to removable wallpaper.

Removable wallpaper, also known as temporary wallpaper, is the ideal design upgrade for renters. It uses special adhesives to stick to the walls permanently, yet peels off effortlessly when it’s time to move or remodel. Landlords won’t even know that it was ever there. The nightmarish days of steaming, scoring and removal tools or painted-over wallpaper are over.

Ideas for Using Removable Wallpaper

If you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to an entire wallpapered room, consider using wallpaper as an accent. Here are some creative removable wallpaper ideas for your next project.

Removable Wallpaper Headboard

Removable Wallpaper Headboard

Removable Wallpaper Accent Wall

Removable Wallpaper Wall Panel

Temporary Wallpaper Cabinet Door

Temporary Wallpaper Closet Door

Removable Wallpaper Furniture

Removable Wallpaper Furniture

Temporary Wallpaper Alcove

Removable Wallpaper Backsplash

Removable Wallpaper Stair Accent

Now that you’ve seen some creative ways to use wallpaper, take inspiration to the next level. Mix and match wallpaper designs throughout your home or apartment. Most wallpaper companies will take the guesswork out of the process by combining coordinated patterns in sample books.

Before you start hanging your removable wallpaper, take a close look at the walls. Are they heavily textured? Do you see or feel spots of loose plaster? If either are an issue, wallpapering is not a good solution. The rough texture will create bubbles in the paper, and peeling off removable wallpaper could tear sections of walls where there is loose plaster.

If you’re envisioning wallpapered rooms and your walls have passed the test, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate removable wallpaper guide.

Here are the best removable wallpaper companies:


Self-described as “wall graphics for the commitment-phobic,” the company carries an extensive collection of wall graphics and wallpaper with an urban edge. Custom designs are also available.

Casart Coverings

A great design resource for modern wall coverings, Casart sells wallpaper that is not only removable, but also can be repositioned for reuse. A cool web feature allows you to upload photos so you can see what the wallpaper or murals would look like in your home.

Chasing Paper

This company’s removable wallpapers are modern and graphic. A favorite is the chalkboard removable wallpaper. It also sells decorative wall stickers.

Design Your Wall

Design Your Wall offers an incredible variety of wallpaper options. The removable wall murals, in particular, are perfect for creating a focal wall. Don’t be discouraged by some of the murals that come in standard sizes; they can easily be cut to fit.

Eazy Wallz

Specializing in wall murals, Eazy Wallz offers a good selection of high-quality, removable wall murals, as well as temporary wallpaper. The wallpaper and murals are sturdy vinyl to withstand repositioning.

Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown is the source for high-end wallpaper most likely to be seen in design magazines. Its Superfresco Easy line of removable wallpaper peels off easily. It requires a special paste that’s applied to the walls, not the paper, making it user-friendly.

Hygge & West

The company is based on the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced hoo-ga), which loosely translates to cozy. It has removable wallpaper tiles that are easier to install than rolls, and the patterns are whimsical and unique.

Murals Your Way

More than 700 removable and reusable patterns in mod styles and fun prints are available through this company’s website.


Sherwin-Williams offers what is arguably the most popular removable wallpaper collection. Its EasyChange line is probably the most well-known temporary wallpaper brand. Hundreds of patterns are available, all grouped in style categories. The wallpaper is designed to remove easily in strips.

simple shapes

Its AccentuWall collection of beautiful, on-trend patterns combines the look and feel of premium fabric wallpaper with easy, peel-and-stick functionality. Or try one of the company’s many decals for a custom mural or headboard.


If you’re looking for retro or vintage removable wallpaper, Spoonflower is the place. It’s a favorite design-your-own-fabric resource that recently branched out to include wallpaper. You can even upload your own design to be printed on eco-friendly, PVC-free paper.

Tempaper Designs

Tempaper Designs’ removable wallpaper may be temporary, but it will hold up well even in humid bathrooms. Its photorealistic wood-plank designs look like actual paneling, and all papers are eco-friendly, with no VOCs or phthalates.

WallCandy Arts

This company’s patterns are great for kids of all ages. While many of the patterns are geared toward a nursery or child’s room, there’s an ever-expanding collection of fun, colorful and graphic temporary wallpapers sophisticated and bold enough for the most serious of rooms.

Walls Need Love

Made in Tennessee, this collection of temporary and reusable “adhesive art” comes in more than 50 patterns.

There are so many options for removable wallpaper available today that there’s no excuse to live with drab walls — even if you rent. Have you used removable wallpaper? If not, are you tempted to try it?